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The Bungee is a useful tool that can be used to scale down long drops without the threat of damaging the Worm's soft little torso.
The Bungee once selected will activate itself when the Worm is walking over a drop where the Worm will damage itself if it falls the distance below without any assistance.
The Bungee can also act as an aid in deploying weapons without leaving the bungee cord. Simply select a weapon such as the Grenade or a stick of Dynamite and release with a simple press of the Enter key.
This is the tricky bit, gather some serious momentum left and right and at the end of the swing (provided no water nearby) press the Space bar to snap the cord and dive from harm's way.
When used in conjunction with the Low Gravity, if the Worm is deployed from the Bungee when at maximum swing the distance the Worm can travel is quite mighty - careful not to let the little guy slip onto any mines though!
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