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Catch them all!

Another Cluster weapon.
This Grenade-like weapon first explodes after it's fuse burns down, and showers the surrounding area with powerful cluster fragments.
The actual explosion from the Grenade doesn't do much damage, it's the clusters that contain all the power and so the key to this weapon is trying to make all the clusters hit the same place.

The amount of damage the Cluster Bomb does is dependent on how many clusters hit the target.
Cluster Bomb
There is a trick, which is usually frowned upon in Worms playing circles. It involves placing a Cluster Bomb beneath a Worm at such an angle so that when the bomb explodes all the clusters instantly explode and inflict maximum damage. This requires the target Worm to be standing on a slope, stand as close to them as possible and aim the weapon all the way to the ground. Place it next to them and run away! With a bit of luck, this move can do a devastating 100points of damage, not bad for a free weapon!
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