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Way of the Dragon.

Another weapon of the close combat variety!
A blow from the Dragon Ball results in your enemies being thrown short distances.
The Dragon Ball is a great way of sending enemies into those mine-infested caves and tumbling into the drink.
Mines can also be knocked in the general direction of the unlucky intended using this super charged combat weapon.

This weapon does an easy 30 points of damage.
Dragon Ball
Keep finding yourself between a Worm and a hard place? Have no fear, send those fools flying with this almighty tip! If your opponent is positioned against a wall (or something such) and the mine pit or water that you want to send him into lies behind them, you can use the Dragon Ball to bounce them off the wall send them flying in the opposite direction. Don't worry about them knocking into you and taking you with them, your Worm will still be taking his turn as they bounce over you.
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