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What planning permision?

The Girder can serve many functions in the natural habitat of our wriggly chappies.
The main use of the girder is to provide an excellent defence that will withstand one direct hit of the bazooka before leaving your Worms exposed.
The Girder is also used in situations where a simple A to B gap needs to be bridged, just remember though that a well-aimed shotgun explosion at the foot of the Worm stood upon the girder will send him hurtling down below.
Sometimes you find yourself in a situation where you have a Worm standing under an overhang at the edge of the landscape, so a grenade shot is definitely out of the question. If this happens, a well placed girder opposite your Worm can act as a rebounding mechanism to impress even the most acquitted of Worms players. Remember though, the grenade may need to be set to high bounce and high fuse to travel the distance required.
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