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This weapon makes up the basic Worms artillery along with weapons such as the Bazooka and the Shotgun.
The player can set their fuse time and how far they want to throw it.
Mastering the Grenade is an essential skill, and is all part of becoming a top Wormer!
The Grenade is always in plentiful supply.

A direct hit can result in 45 points of health being claimed from your opponent.
There is such a skill as `Grenade Jumping` - it's a means of overcoming tall obstacles by using the Grenade to jump super high. You first need to set the Grenade fuse fairly high, aim straight down and stand directly over it - you need to face the opposite direction to the way you want to travel. Let the fuse counter get down to 1 second, give a brief pause and then try to back-flip. If timed correctly the blast from the Grenade can fling the Worm very high into the air. Only attempt this with healthy Worms!
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