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The Homing Missile gives a helping hand to those players trying to pick off a hard target.
Before firing the Homing Missile the player must mark on the landscape their desired point of impact, this is done by placing a cross on the landscape.
When firing the projectile they will have to make sure that it is fired with enough power to make it past any obstacles that may be in it's way as it travels towards its target.

A direct hit can result in 45 points of damage!
Homing Missile
Can't fire high enough to reach your enemy right on the other side of that landscape? There may be another way around this problem! The Homing Missile can be fired underneath the landscape and through the water. If you mark your target as per usual, and fire the missile into the water making sure not to fire too hard (the missile will drop off the bottom of the screen) with a bit of skill you can hit your target. Practice makes perfect!
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