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A little to the left.

The Mortar is a weak weapon at face value, the shell that is fired does hardly any damage to your opponent and has a small blast radius.
The real power behind this weapon lies in it's spread of clusters, the trick to maximising the effect of these little beauties is to try and make them detonate in the same place.
The Mortar is fired instantly, there is no power meter taken into account for this weapon, it is always fired at maximum power.
The Mortar fires a shell, as soon as this shell hits anything it explodes and showers the surrounding area with clusters, the amount of damage this weapon does is dependant on how many cluster fragments hit your target.

The grenade does 15 damage and so do the clusters.
Making all those clusters explode in the same place can be tricky. Firing downward at your target can help, but more often than not the clusters will spread out, doing just a small amount of damage. You can make sure that all your clusters hit the same Worm by learning this trick: Walk up to your enemy and step onto their head, stand to either the left or right of them and aim directly downward at them. If you fire the Mortar now then all the clusters should explode instantly, your Worm will also take some damage from this, but if done correctly this can take up to around 70 points of health from your enemy.
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