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What rip cord?

The Parachute is great for covering high to low landscape where the land may be mine-ridden or fraught with danger.
Ensure that the wind is favourable in the direction you wish to travel and launch yourself into the air.
The way to get the most out of your Parachute is to open it when you are at the peak of your jump.
If the wind is only blowing mildly in the desired direction of travel and the ground below is water-filled, don't risk it - this will more than often end in death.
To get the highest possible starting point to open your Parachute, with your back facing to the direction you wish to travel, do a backflip and as your Worm reaches maximum height press the Space bar. In one swift movement, quickly hold the up and directional key the way you wish to travel and adjust as desired. Remember you can exit from the Parachute at any time with a simple press of the Space bar.
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