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The Pneumatic drill has three main uses.

1. A way of digging through the earth.
2. A jumping Aid.
3. A weapon

Be careful not to knock an enemy worm into the hole you are drilling. If it dies, it will probably be standing on your head.
Don't forget, you can't retreat after using this weapon.

The Pneumatic Drill can cause up to 30 points of damage.
Pneumatic Drill
Oh dear, out of Bungee ropes and Parachutes? Not to worry, simply place yourself on the edge of the place next to where you want to go, now jump! Starting the Pneumatic Drill as soon as you jump you'll have approximately 4 seconds of travelling distance before your Worm goes into free-fall mode. As soon as you have landed where you want to be simply press the Space bar again to stop the drilling manoeuvre.
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