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Finding that your Sheep doesn't have what it takes to cross those ravines? You need this!
The Sheep Launcher fires the Sheep like a projectile weapon.
A single tap of the fire button launches the Sheep out at maximum power, from here it is up to you to detonate the Sheep by pressing the fire button a second time.
If the Sheep makes it to land without exploding then it will act like a normal sheep and begin to run in the direction it was fired.

Like every other Sheep, this one can take up to 75 points of health away from your opponent.
Sheep Launcher
Bear in mind that the Sheep can do a lot of damage, and this weapon has a fairly long range. Once the Sheep has been launched it still can jump fairly far, with this weapon to hand you should be able to reach most places on the landscape with relative ease. Practice letting those Sheep go at the right moments so that when they reach their target they are as close as possible to the Worm.
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