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Lock, Stock and two smoking worms.

One of the most useful weapons in the game.
The Shotgun comes loaded with two rounds of ammunition, making it a rather tactical weapon in the right hands.
The weapon is activated as soon as the fire button is pressed, one shot is taken and then the second one after that.
If the Worm falls too far or stumbles onto a mine and gets injured, then their turn is taken off them and they do not get to use their second shot.

Each round from the Shotgun blows a hole the size of 25 points in your enemies health.
A direct hit from both rounds of the Shotgun will do a maximum damage of 50 points of health, bear in mind that this is a few points more damage than what your Grenades or Bazooka will do! The Shotgun can be used to blow through the land to reach those hard to get places; it's also a good way of forcing your most feared foes onto those landmines!
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